PPD/PDD Summary Sheets

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Can you remember where information is located on a page better than you can remember the information itself? Do you remember best when you link images, emotions, or experiences to the information? Do you doodle while listening to others? If any of these apply to you, you might be a visual learner just like me!

These hand-drawn notes condense the majority of the information you'll need for PPD/PDD down to SEVENTEEN pages, so it's much easier to get an idea of the breadth of information. These are not meant to replace other study materials, but to guide you through your studying process, and help you see the critical information communicated visually and, hopefully, clearly! 

I first offered these sheets for FREE, and I will continue to do so. I would obviously appreciate any donation for the time it took to create these, but it is not required. But be on the look out for more in-depth workbook style products in the future!

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PPD/PDD Summary Sheets

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